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On Reddit’s RPG subreddit, someone asked how to play Chaotic Evil without being Chaotic Stupid. In my sleep deprived, over-caffeinated state, I provided an answer last night that ended up being well lauded. So I figured I’d post it up here for anyone who might find it interesting (with slight editing for the sake of punctuation and grammar):

My Take on Chaotic Evil:

“So many people have trouble getting into CE. CE is a little harder to get into than some alignments, for a good reason. It’s worlds different than most normal humans will ever think.

Chaotic Evil is, at its core, anarchic. It’s not uncaring, it’s not psychopathic, or sociopathic even. In fact, having people you care about, or standing up for a cause is a good piece to add to being chaotic evil. Chaotic evil is being evil because you feel that your way is the best way. Might makes right, and your might is best. Your opinions are best. But by all means, mr. party paladin, prove me wrong.

Where lawful evil is obsessed with establishment, chaotic evil is obsessed with a more open ended society where their opinions are the core foundation.

Lawful evil will lead an army to take over a city to rule with an iron fist

Chaotic evil will subvert the ruling class, sabotage the city from the inside, and raise up an angry mob to tear down the city walls…without an army. Whether the CE’s inspiration is pure subversion of order, or for a “greater cause”, it all begins the same: subversion, sabotage, and chaos.

Look at the demons of D&D, who exemplify CE. Sure they’ll make deals and even stand alongside others in a unified attempt, but it’s just a means to an end. The higher eschelon demons wouldn’t burn the world to the ground, they’ll just subvert it. That’s what CE does: subvert. Their ways are best in their minds, so they’ll do what they feel is best.

Chaotic is all about emotion, evil is all about forming the world into your personal preferred manner of existence. CE means everything is a means to an end in your personal passionate recreation of the world around you. A manic artistry without care for the current established “proper” and “right. The world is your canvas, and nothing will stand in the way of your art.

In short, my take on CE is pure passion without regard for morality. “Mad scientists” are often chaotic evil, people filled with a fiery passion and a distinct view on how things should be. And nothing stands between then and their passions and lives.

But that all just might be my take on it.”


Update: I’ve been asked to do a PDF of my interpretations of Alignment from someone on Reddit. This should be a neat project.


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