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New Spell: Memetic Plague

Spell Style: Arcane, level 4
Range: close hearing distance
Duration: 3 days in isolation, otherwise for as long as able to be restarted.
Special: One word per caster level.

The caster of this spell must prepare a statement to be told to their target or targets. The statement must be simple and concise, inspiring thought or a steering of action. This can be a rumor, a commandment, or anything similar. When the statement is heard, the listener must make a save or have the statement implanted into their thought stream, where it will cycle around until it becomes something they think about often. They will bring it up whenever someone is willing to listen to them, causing the memetic virus to spread. The virus will also mutate as it goes, often adding pieces. For example, if the statement is “You should never kill a rabbit” it may mutate into several states, such as “You should never kill a rabbit because they are watched by the gods” or “You should never kill a rabbit because their souls will make sure the crops fail”, etc.  The statement cannot be removed from a person’s mind without the aid of Remove Curse or the like.

In isolation, the statement will only cycle 3 days in an individual’s head before it is wiped out of their memories, but if there are people around who have the virus, it will continually restart the timer. This can effectively go on forever throughout the whole population.

Example: “The Mayor of Lawson is a vampire!”, “Santa Clause is real!”  “You should never kill a rabbit.” “Don’t ever go into the woods at midnight.”


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