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First set of things to come: Seasons   Leave a comment

For my first round of content, I’m going to focus on a season per post. These will be 4 posts with large amounts of various content in them.
Winter first, then Spring, then Summer, Then Fall (the order of the current upcoming seasons as well as the order in which the seasons are accepted in my campaign setting)

This is inspired into reality by T.W. Wombat’sWinter is Coming” Blog Festival. I’m all ready late to the show, but it’s a useful jump-off point anyways.

What I have (loosely) planned for each is this:

Season Set-Up

  • Festivals
  • Monsters
  • Spells
  • NPCs and maybe some NPC classes
  • Mundane Equipment
  • Magic Items
  • Random Tables/Charts
  • Locations (hopefully with maps…sadly nothing so well done like Dyson’s)
  • Rumors (mostly for starting adventures/quests)
  • Adventures (short, maybe one or two, it depends)
  • Relevant Deities and similar things
  • Who knows what else?!
Following the four seasons, I will probably go for Geographical Features (like Swamp, River, Tarn, etc) but we will see.

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