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If you don’t want to read a block of text, scroll down for a random hallucination table.

Over the last few months I’ve really gotten into random tables. I blame a lot of it on Zak, because he posts some darn nifty ones, but my Google Reader is full to the brim with various D&D blogs, and I’ve pulled tables and charts from most if not all of them. Currently they are all saved in .txt or .pdf format, copy-pastes or the ever-useful Print Friendly.com (which luckily many of the bloggers – including myself – have built into their posts).

However, I have so many that a bit ago I decided I should compile them all into one document. While I would love to put it together and give it out to the community online, I have the core problem that nearly everyone who has had the same idea has been knocked over with: getting the permission from each person who posted each table to be used in such a thing. Talk about exhausting, considering that outside of comments on their posts most bloggers don’t give their e-mails or any other way to contact them (luckily a good few are on G+ so I can at least bug those ones). Perhaps if I ever finish it I’ll go ahead and start hunting them down and getting proper permission. And hopefully learn to use something other than Word for my formatting. Have you ever tried to deal with columns in Word 07? It’s more work than actually doing anything useful….

Outside of blog-published tables, I love actual published books. Vornheim is wonderful,The Random Esoteric Creature Generator by Raggi I’ve started using heavily, and the book Realms of Crawling Chaos by Goblinoid Games is great for “magic items” in a weird fantasy setting (which I run).

As such, I’ll go ahead and state that a lot of my inspiration for new monsters comes from Raggi’s theories on the subject of monster creation, and I’m definitely going list some neat items created with the aid of RoCC as I go down this blog. I’m going to put that out there and keep it up front, so if you wonder where in hell I get the starting points for some of the things I’ll post down the road, now you know. Definitely check those books out. (and I still need to get the Dungeon Alphabet…)

For those who would like a touch into a compiled list of random tables – which is no where near as big as it deserves to be – check out this page and its second part. Very useful if you don’t have any all ready.

Also yes, I realize I sound like an advertisement agent, but I can’t help but gush over the things that have given me a lot of inspiration in such a small amount of time.

So, to finish off this post, I shall leave you with a random table of my own, for hallucinations. I got a bit tired of nearly every hallucination-inducing poison/spell/whathaveyou referencing back to the bland old Confusion spell, so I wrote this up.

1d10 Hallucination/Confusion Table -all affects last for the duration of the spell/poison, or if not listed, 1 hour

  1. The Horrific Visage: the character sees one randomly chosen individual as a horrific monster and will charge and attack them blindly
  2. The Paranoia: the character will lash out at anyone or anything that gets too close and will constantly search their surroundings for danger
  3. The Voices: the character yells and babbles at the voices coming from beyond, losing all other actions
  4. The Trail: the character sees a path and seeks to follow it. Will go in a random direction (d8 for compass direction) for the duration
  5. The Swarm: the character sees a swarm of insects on and under their skin. 1d6: 3-6, the character spends the duration swatting at the visions. 1-2 the character attempts to flay themselves alive to get rid of the creatures.
  6. The Betrayal: The character will curse its allies for their betrayal and will attack them with full force and rage
  7. The Secret Self: the character will constantly change their appearace (hair, clothes, masks, etc) in fear of being recognized
  8. The Mutation: the character will see themselves mutate and will attempt to cut off the affending region of their body
  9. The Cold of Ages: the character will imagine themselves frozen and will not move, and will stop themselves from breathing
  10. The Animal Within: the character will believe themselves transformed into a randomly determined creature, and will proceed to act as such

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First set of things to come: Seasons   Leave a comment

For my first round of content, I’m going to focus on a season per post. These will be 4 posts with large amounts of various content in them.
Winter first, then Spring, then Summer, Then Fall (the order of the current upcoming seasons as well as the order in which the seasons are accepted in my campaign setting)

This is inspired into reality by T.W. Wombat’sWinter is Coming” Blog Festival. I’m all ready late to the show, but it’s a useful jump-off point anyways.

What I have (loosely) planned for each is this:

Season Set-Up

  • Festivals
  • Monsters
  • Spells
  • NPCs and maybe some NPC classes
  • Mundane Equipment
  • Magic Items
  • Random Tables/Charts
  • Locations (hopefully with maps…sadly nothing so well done like Dyson’s)
  • Rumors (mostly for starting adventures/quests)
  • Adventures (short, maybe one or two, it depends)
  • Relevant Deities and similar things
  • Who knows what else?!
Following the four seasons, I will probably go for Geographical Features (like Swamp, River, Tarn, etc) but we will see.

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Welcome to Dungeons and Imaginings!   Leave a comment

This is a blog dedicated to my various ideas, thoughts, theories, feelings, and most of all creations for the various editions and clones and re-imaginings of Dungeons and Dragons (from TSR to WotC to OSR). Been meaning to set this up since forever, so here it is.

Most of this will be the various bits and pieces I think up as I go, and allow me to finally force myself to put down some of these things on paper. I’ll try to keep most of the opinion pieces slim, if at all. Can’t say any of it will be remotely balanced, or even useful, but that’s up to you to decide.

I also have no clue about the update schedule. It will probably just be as I go, but I’m hoping for at least once or twice a week.

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