A Follow-up NPC: Treklotter na-risi, Risi Dilettante   Leave a comment

Found this site earlier and after playing around with the random generator ended up with this:

Dilettante (Amateur)

Who may or may not be a:

Which I felt was awfully convenient after my last post.
The point of the generator “…is to take a physical descriptive adjective, a “conveyed feeling” adjective, and an archetype with an option to turn them mythical.”  Sounds good to me. I’m picturing a fae-troll with his best swashbuckler look on.

Treklotter na-risi, Risi Dilettante: HD 5+2; HP 19; AC 7[12]; Atk 1 Magical Rapier (1d6+1); Save 12[9 vs. magic]; Special: Flight, Immune to Non-Magical Weapons, Regenerate 1hp/round, casts  personal spells (up to 10 times a day), can speak with animals

Treklotter na-risi is a fae-troll who stands around nine and a half feet tall. He wears a red musketeer’s hat with a unusually long peacock feather perched upon his head, and silky, blue nobles clothing that covers the toughened, slimy green skin underneath.

Physically, Treklotter is mostly proportional, with the strangely long arms traditional of all forms of trolls, but with his claws clipped. His skin is covered in a thin film of slime, a manifestation of his wheedling, Machiavellian personality. His eyes are a piercing blue, a contrast to his origins and a mockery of those of “noble blood” that his kind often pose as.

However, Treklotter is out of his element. He’s been kicked out from the Fae Courts and their vicious entertainments. He has left bitter from an argument impossible to explain to a sane individual and is – for once in his life – genuinely worried about fixing his status and returning. As such he has taken to wandering the lands of Man to find new experiences to keep him busy as he schemes.

Treklotter, like most fae, is a dilettante.  He knows a little about many a thing, pretending to know far more on topics than he really does to get into people’s good graces. Sure he knows about poetry and playwriting! Of course he knows all about the creation of gourmet food and the ecology of the Savannah Ball-Leopard! In fact, he has an etching he did of one in his bag, here, let him show you!
Due to this sprinkling of knowledge, Treklotter can answer some questions about most things. Now, as for them being entirely accurate -or even true-  is not quite able to be determined easily.

Thanks to his magical background and his minor knowledge of earthly and scholastic magic, Treklotter can perform some feats of spellcraft if he wishes to, often using them to wow his audience and bring them more to his side.  He can also naturally speak with animals.

Treklotter also owns a magical rapier (which he claims is his own craftsmanship) named Natalia Ogresbane. The name comes from the time when Treklotter was set upon by a “savage ogre of mountainous proportions” and managed to bring the beast down. Natalia is a +1 Rapier whose blade is made of an thin, unknown, golden metal with a guard made of silver, a hilt of steel embedded with jade, and a large emerald as a pommel. A silken cord with several ogre’s teeth tied in it is attached to the crosspiece.

His spells include:

Charm Person, Charm Monster, Create Food, ESP, Invisibility, Passwall, Pyrotechnics, Sticks to Snakes, and Suggestion.


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